One of the main decisions, when you or your loved one chooses between alcohol rehabilitation centers, is deciding between inpatients or outpatient rehabilitation. Many people are quick to select outpatient rehabilitation thinking that it will be more convenient and more affordable. While this is sometimes true, studies show that they choose inpatient treatment in 48 days, 60-day or 90-day programs are more likely to be successful in the long term. Wherever you decide to get rehabilitation, the first step is to make a choice!

Austin recovery center welcomes all its readers on this website, in which we inform about the work we do and the services we provide to our rehabilitation center. With this, we intend that those who have fallen victims of addictions understand the alarming situation and know the solutions offered by the comprehensive and professional team that makes up our firm. There are thousands of people who, after our treatments, have regained their health and the well-being of their relationships, as well as the desire to have a better quality of life.

Remaining near your home city is not always useful, as it is closer to the people and situations that caused substance use in the first place. In particular, if you are thinking about private or executive alternatives, you can add advantages in the treatment of a long rehabilitation stay as a refuge and go out to Austin recovery center.

This occasion we will talk about addictions in general and about those centers, like ours, in which programs and multidisciplinary methods are put into practice for the treatment of those affected by the consumption of addictive substances or by compulsive desires difficult to control. If you or someone you know is suffering from an addiction, we invite you to go to the Austin recovery center facilities to receive professional services that guarantee the recovery of patients, since for each case we apply specific treatments.

What are addictions?

There are many difficulties that our country faces in matters of public health. Among them, one stands out in particular, which is considered cancer in the social body due to its ability to grow and damage the very tissues of nations. We refer to addiction. Many believe that this term is used to designate those people who have fallen into the use of illegal substances, however, are very wrong; it covers various phenomena that go beyond the consumption of banned chemicals and external to the body.

For example, dependency derived from addiction is also psychological in nature, that is, it does not depend on the intake or supply of a drug, but is distinguished by an obsession with an object in which the desire has been fixed. Also drugs include legal substances such as alcohol and tobacco, which have a high addictive potential, even higher than other drugs. For this reason, it is necessary to provide a detailed and clear definition of this disease that affects a large population of men and women, adolescents, youth, and adults.

The addiction is, in effect, a disease that is distinguished by a pathological search for relief or reward through the use of a drug among other behaviors and behaviors. There are several symptoms to determine if an individual is addicted or not, for example: overriding desire to consume an object; inability to control some actions; difficulty in staying abstemious temporarily or permanently; emotional dysfunction; lack of recognition of the disease; social problems such as school, work, family, among others.

It is a phenomenon that increases with the passage of time, so it is necessary to establish prevention and rehabilitation measures to prevent the Mexican people from falling into the networks of this disease. Unfortunately, government agencies focused on public hygiene offer poor solutions that are not tailored to the problem. Furthermore, the support provided by rehabilitation centers such as Austin recovery center allows the figures not to increase and the cases of addiction to be lower.

Addictions result in a reduction in the quality of life of those affected in all the spheres in which they develop, from work, academic, friendship and partner, to family and personal. Due to its potential to affect basically all the relationships of those who have fallen under the addiction, both with itself and with the outside, it requires urgent attention, because it is a disease that can be aggravated if it is neglected, even leading to death or the ruin.

Currently, specialists and researchers believe that both physiological and psychological addiction (both to substances and behaviors) has the same neurobiological foundations, that is, they do not differ as much as is believed. However, they have nuances that distinguish them and that are worth highlighting to understand the nature of the problem that concerns us. The addictions can be understood according to two blocks, whose purposes and objects are different:

Substance addiction this is characterized by the consumption and compulsive search for drugs, whether legal or illegal. It is a recurrent, progressive and chronic disease, which can cause death if not treated in time. The presence of drugs in the body modifies the functioning and structure of certain organs, especially the brain and nervous system, which is the most prone to be damaged. It is distinguished by some symptoms, for example, the withdrawal syndrome that arises when the body is deprived of the substance to which it has become addicted, and tolerance, which causes consumers to require ever-increasing doses to produce the desired effects.

As is well known, this disease always entails negative consequences that affect both the corporal health and the relationships of the victims. It is a compulsion that has nothing to do with drug use, although its neurobiological bases are similar. This compulsion is always directed towards an object, a behavior or an activity, for example, technology, pornography, relationships, sex, excess food, games and bets, sports, obsessive shopping, Etc. Both can be treated in rehabilitation centers such as Austin recovery center, which is responsible for recovering the welfare of those affected and help them overcome the harsh process of detoxification and abstinence, also, support them so that they do not become addicted and remain abstainers for life.

Get your eye surgery

Imagine not having to wear glasses or contact lenses, and have a more active lifestyle, improve your appearance, play sports or enjoy a sunset without any impediment. The best solution for you is to visit India for eye surgery: Our LASER VISUAL CORRECTION, through the LASIK technique and VISX technology, is the safest and most accurate way to correct myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. Only in LASER VISUAL CORRECTION India we offer different forms of payment, agreements with insurance of major medical expenses and direct financing, so you can enjoy a new perspective, so visit India for eye surgery. Reserve your Comprehensive Visual Exam online or by phone, our unique visual examination in india will determine if you are a candidate for LASER VISUAL CORRECTION, and will diagnose and start the treatment of any eye disease.

Most of the time we attend a basic visual examination, offered for free in some opticians: these basic exams do not help much since they only determine the refractive error of the eyes. In LASER VISUAL CORRECTION, in addition to review the status of refractive error of your eyes (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia), our specialists will perform a comprehensive visual examination with different diagnostic studies, which will detect eye diseases and start their best treatment. Get to visit India for eye surgery!

Advances in eye surgery allow rapid recovery of the patient and the reduction of pre and postoperative discomfort. But, in order to ensure that everything proceeds in the best way, the patient must observe some minimum measures before and after surgery. This care will be indicated by the medical and nursing staff, so that after the intervention you can meet back home, as necessary to avoid discomfort and even reduce anxiety in the successive phases of the postoperative period.

Below we will explain what these measures consist of : 

LASIK surgery is the most advanced type of laser vision correction available today. We encourage our patients to weigh the pros and cons of LASIK surgery before committing to the procedure. Come to us and look what we have for you


  • During the examination in the clinic, you should detail the medications you usually take and if you have a known illness or allergy.
  • You will be prescribed a treatment for the hygiene of the eyelids, an eye drop as prophylaxis of infections and a relaxant so that you are calm the day of the intervention.
  • The day before surgery, try to wash your head to avoid having to do it the same day of the surgery or the day after, and the shampoo can irritate your eyes.
  • Do not be left with doubts or concerns : if there is something you have not asked, do not hesitate to consult the medical team that attends you.


  • The eyelids will be cleaned with the product that was previously prescribed, and the eye drops prescribed will be applied.
  • Remember to go comfortably and do not put on makeup. Have the clinic accompany you by a person you trust, who will accompany you and stay with you the first few hours of the postoperative period to help you administer the medication.
  • LASIK surgery takes about 10 minutes per eye, between the preparations and the intervention itself. The laser acts on the cornea between 20 and 60 seconds. If it is cataract surgery or intraocular lenses to correct refractive errors, the time you will be in the operating room will be approximately 25 minutes.


  • The surgeon and his team will inform you and your family about how the surgery has gone and about the care you should observe when you return home.
  • Put on sun glasses as soon as you leave the clinic, being very careful not to scratch your eyes with the sideburns.
  • You can watch TV and eat something light.
  • Stay at home resting without physical effort or lifting heavy things.
  • It will have the sensation of seeing blurred, since it is recently intervened, but it will recover the vision throughout the day.
  • Put the drops that have been prescribed and remember: you should not touch or rub your eye. Your eye is very sensitive for now.


  • You will have recovered about 90% of the vision and the rest will recover progressively until a month later.
  • The vision will change, and in some moments of the day you will see better than in others. It will also fluctuate between one eye and another, and you will notice that sometimes you see better with one eye than with the other. All this is completely normal, and is part of visual recovery.
  • You can read, watch TV and walk, as well as all normal indoor activities without any danger.
  • It will be checked at your doctor’s office the next day and one week after surgery.
  • You can return to your normal job the next day, although you can rest during the week after.

When you visit India for eye surgery, we assure that we have extensive experience in the correction of refractive errors such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism (more than 25,000 treatments performed). we offer you the opportunity to correct your vision in a safe, precise and innovative way. The Excimer Laser we use in LASER VISUAL CORRECTION in LASIK surgery is, without a doubt, the fastest, most accurate and SAFE equipment that currently exists. Its extreme rapidity in the treatment allows to reduce the time of the intervention. This is reflected in greater COMFORT and OPTIMIZATION of the results obtained.

In addition to being outstanding for its extreme speed, it stands out for the great visual quality achieved by patients who undergo surgery with this technology. In definitive LASER VISUAL CORRECTION, we offer a laser of last generation in a center of laser visual correction of last generation with the best guarantees, more precise treatments and the last systems of security for the correction of myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.

Best Construction Estimate Software

What are the top-rated construction estimating software applications for small contractors or large builders in 2017? Which building cost software tools are most cost-effective? This article will try to give four readers simple answers and provide an easy to use guide for choosing a good construction cost estimating solution.

A construction estimate software program could integrate the functional modules of building costing, construction payroll, job costing, construction bidding, construction scheduling, subcontractor management, and project management. It can help a contractor or a builder easily estimate and schedule residential, commercial, heavy and road construction projects.

Top Construction Building Estimate Software Systems Download Lists

In 2017, the best construction estimating software programs include Clear Estimates, Bid4Build, Sage Timberline Office Construction Software, Viewpoint Construction Software, Quick Estimator, EasyEst Estimating, Planswift, and Goldenseal Construction Software.

Bid4Build may be the most fully-featured solution for construction estimating. EasyEst Estimating provides precise costing based on its clear construction scheduling module. Planswift is construction takeoff and estimating software that allows contractors to do calculations from house building plans. Clear Estimates is a SaaS construction cost estimating system that allows users to pay monthly with low initial costs. Sage Timberline Office construction software and Viewpoint Construction Software are heavy weights in the industry – they provides functions of accounting, project life cycle, estimating, and human resources for construction management.

Check out the importance of a good laser level and why everyone must have one, we will share the best laser levels with you so you can be sure that you will be buying the best laser level.

How to Get a Best Cost-effective Construction Estimating Software Program? Comparison and Reviews

A commercial construction software program could cost thousands of US dollars. Sometimes a small contractor or a home builder may hesitate to buy it at once. On the other hand, the software industry has developed software as a service (SaaS) model that allows builders to pay monthly without a high initial investment. For example, Clear Estimates provides a subscription model that allows a contractor to use it at a price of $59 per month (and $5 for the first month).

Is a SaaS construction estimate system cheaper than a traditional estimating software application? No. In a long-term view, a SaaS solution could be more expensive than an estimating program. For example, a user should pay a total of $1,421 after two-year subscriptions for Clear Estimates, while he can pay $1,311 for buying a discount Bid4Build Complete Edition. But SaaS could provide other benefits, which should be considered before choosing a right construction estimate software program. These benefits include:

  • The monthly price of a SaaS construction system covers free customer supports, which will have to remain at high standards for keeping users.
  • A user will not have to pay a high initial price for using the software; and he can terminate the service any time he or she wants.

Sometimes a contractor may be looking for a cheaper or free solution. In this circumstance, he or she can choose a free or open source construction software package that includes the functional module of cost estimating.